Writing Children’s Books has allowed me to combine my love of writing with my love of art. I have a Ph.D. in Renaissance Art History. I taught at Universities in Boston and Washington, D.C. for twenty years. I decided to stop teaching and write children’s books because they sustained me as a child.

I wrote my first book, The Duck Convention when I was six. Now, I have written several Lucy Nightingale books in memory of my maternal Grandmother, Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt, author of the ground-breaking books, Pat the Bunny, Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather, Little Peewee, and many more books for young children.

 I grew up with books. My father, mother, and two grandmothers read to me constantly and, when left alone, I read whenever someone was not forcing me to do something else. I read the Oz books under my covers, The Nancy Drew mysteries, The Little Princess, Treasure Island, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, and The Secret Garden when I had a broken leg. Books sustained me as a child and as an adult academic. My favorite author is E.B. White.

The inspiration for the Wise One who aids Lucy in her adventures was my own wise Corgi, Wilbur. He sat me down one day and began to tell me stories.
Wilbur the Wise One
Entered earth May 22, 2003

Departed earth February 9, 2018.
"He will be in our hearts forever."