Concept Stage

The Lizard Girl
Lucy meets her old nemesis Altheia.

Altheia’s lovely eyes bulged, her rose-bud mouth twisted into an evil grimace.

 Lucy flinched at the sight of a lizard-like creature with yellow eyes darting behind leathered slits. Venom dripped from its flicking tongue.
Yellow sleeves slid off the monster’s arms, revealing the horrible truth. Altheia’s hands were reversed. The right hand was attached to its left arm, and the left hand to the right. The monster let out a high-pitched cackle. The sight of the scaled and smelly lizard-like creature in front of them made Lucy gag.

Altheia’s yellow eyes blinked behind the slitted lids. Her mouth twisted in a snarl, revealing small pointed teeth and a forked flicking tongue. Her words slithered forth like reptiles.
“Your stupidity has led you to me a third time,” she said. “I have what I want. There is no escaping now.”

Will Lucy be able to tame the horrible monster girl?